Attack of the Cute

Disney animators strike again!  Brianna Garcia, who delights us all with her AlicexHatter comics and arts, posted a late-night ice cream stop on her facebook and tumblr.


So, yes, that is how I feel right now.


I didn’t know about the Mad T Hatter dance/disco/concert event that runs at night in Disney California Adventure until I saw all these awesome fanarts Garcia had loaded onto her deviantart page.  (BTW, I’m not sure if it’s fanart if she herself is a character designer…)  Now I want to to DisneyLand Cali just to see them.  I’m pretty sure they don’t get it on for tourists they way they do in her sketches, though.

Still, AxH shippers can spend many happy hours in her art, which ranges from these quasi-actualized characters to an unfinished comic based on the Reggie and Alice of the park cast.

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