Artists United

We’ve been short on posts this week because Rose came home: why would I post about Disney when we can sit back and talk about it?  Or even better, watch it and drink some Goose Islands and eat Starburst jelly beans.  (No, actually that last pairing was a bad idea.)

But, I want to talk today about Norman Rockwell and Wally-world.


No, not that Wally.


Not that one, either.


Yes, that one.

Funny, huh?   Sam Walton’s extensive art collection has been displayed for the public at the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, AK.  This month, the impressive Norman Rockwell travelling exhibit is visiting the museum.  My eye was caught by this cute Post cover, a school girl imagining herself a glamorous lady.  Sure, the painting is saturated with the style of its time, but it’s timeless in the dreams of young girls to look like a Hollywood star…or animated princess, depending on what kind of kid you were.


As I thought this, imagine my surpise to see the inscription in the corner: “To Walt Disney, one of the really great artists, from an admirer, Norman Rockwell.”  It turns out that the two iconic American artists were good friends, and Rockwell gave Disney this original as a gift.  Disney’s daughter donated it to the Norman Rockwell museum, and it traveled with the exhibit to the home of Wal-mart, where I stood reliving my own youth of wild expectations.

You should read the story of how these men met, and if you get the chance, don’t miss this show.  The exhibit was displayed well to show-case Rockwell’s beginnings in idyllic, mischievous Americana, and growth to showcase all aspects of our society, including the ones who needed a voice to paint for them.

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