Circle of Life

I’ve been trying to find something to post in memorial of the victims of the Boston attack, and it has been difficult.  The thing about Disney movies is that everything always turns out ok in the end, and we know that everything happens for a reason.  Fairy tales have to have villains and adversity for there to be heroes and triumph. The good kids learn their lessons (to show strength of heart, to be honest, to be brave, to believe) and they are rewarded. When wrongs are righted, true love found, kingdoms restored, and the universe saved, the evil disappears.  If we’re lucky, we get a reprise.  Everyone lives happily ever after (unless there’s a sequel with the dead villain’s sister.)  It was all worth it.

I do like the lessons that Disney teaches, or I wouldn’t have this blog.  But, it’s not that clear-cut off the silver screen.   It often feels that hate, selfishness, violence, and fear are just there in the world, and heroes have to come out of nowhere to fight them.  And then, the heroes usually fade back into the world, unless someone happened to have a camera on them.    At the end, the job isn’t done and it takes someone else to come forward for the next step of heroism.  Doctors, law enforcement, bystanders, and the President and public figures each have a role to perform.  And tomorrow, they will have to do it again.  That’s what we can’t see behind the credits rolling.  That’s what is hard, and wearying, and scares many of us away from taking even that first step.

What the internet has given us in the last decade is the ability to celebrate these heroes as few news-stations do.  Some of the most heartfelt comments on the tragedy have come from comedians, like George Takei and Jon Stewart, who understand what people’s hearts need to hear. I don’t think I can improve on their thoughts, especially right now when we’re still in the difficult middle part of our story.   To fill in where words aren’t enough, then, I want to offer a song to Boston, the U.S., families of the victims, athletes around the world.  Your center and your dreams hold whoever you turn to in times of trouble (feel free to think “she” every time you hear “he” in the video.)

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