Things I Should Have Learned in School

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the flag of Barbados which is basically blue and yellow with a trident on it. A broken trident, it seems, but a trident nonetheless.


Had anyone bothered to tell me this when it was relevant, say during my mermaid phase, which lasted from 1989 to 1997, I would not have spent so much of my life wondering where my life was headed and what my goals should be.  I would have studied Bajan instead of French, and gone into banking or hotel management, because that’s the only information wiki has on Barbados economy, although we didn’t have wiki back then.  And then, I might have taken a six months to move to the Pacific to “find myself” once I realized that there is a country called Tuvalu, because I don’t really want to settle down there, I just want to be able to say that I lived in Tuvalu.  But, ultimately, I would have moved back to Barbados, because the flag is a trident.  Broken trident, I should say, because I respect post-colonial awareness.  After all, the Tuvalu flag still has the Union Jack on it.

Problem is, I’d make a sucky banker.  Or hotel manager.

So, new plan: we find the gold, we take the gold, then we row to Barbados and tell everyone that we’re King Triton’s Daughters.

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