The Great Rodent Villain

In 1986, Disney made this movie about a Victorian detective mouse, but because it didn’t star Benedict Cumberland or Robert Downey Jr., hardly anyone remembers it.

Except for a villain so velvety wicked, so gleefully corrupt, so covered in ill-gotten glitter, only one man could have voiced him: Vincent Price.

Vincent Price scowlRatigan scowl

Considering Price’s exhaustive resume, it’s surprising that he only did one Disney character voice.  (He also performed the original Haunted House narration, which was voiced over for some ridiculous reason, probably for being too scary.)  Ratigan had the markings of all great Disney villains, grand genius dreams thwarted by imbecile minions, a splashy song to let us know his dastardly plot, cleverly vague threats, and a vulnerable secret hidden with prosthetic ears.  Price executed the voice with delicious evil, providing a worthy counterpoint to Basil of Baker Street, who we would not have recognized as the hero if he wasn’t carrying a pipe and deerstalker hat.

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