All the movies!

You know when you’re watching a Disney movie, and it reminds you of another Disney movie, so you want to watch that one, and then your roommate comes home and so you have to watch her favorite Disney movie, and then you watch a non-Disney movie, just so no-one feels left out, and 4 months later you have to drop out of college because you didn’t do any of your homework?

Maybe 50% of that, then?

When I want to watch my favorite animated movies, but I’m tired of the same things and want to find something new, I search YouTube for some Disney/Non-Disney mashups.  Some very talented people have made a habit of cutting and editing videos from different movies to make a new story, usually based on popular songs, like “Someone like You”.  Now, wasn’t that just the saddest thing ever?

One of the first groups to start this was WhenYouWishDisneyStudios with love stories and a bunch of girl favorites.  They were criticized for over-using special effects and did one video to show that they could K.I.S.S., too.  But the effects were worth it to blend together some unique couplings that have told beautiful, original stories.  Best of all, they featured some lovely GLB stories.  Over the years, some of the WYWDS members seem to have split off into other groups like Disney Heroes Studio and Disney Heroines Studio and inspired many others like Magical Disney Productions.  The best quality seems to come from groups that work together, with one person putting in several hours for a 30 second clip.

So, pick your favorite two leads and type the names into the YT search bar, and chances are that someone  has made a video with them already.  Like ArielxJim or Anastasia crossovers.


See you in four months.

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