Best Dressed – Animal Edition

After OMD posted on dashing men of the technicolor screen, I thought, “I wanna do that!  I can combine my two great loves for the betterment of the world,” and a cursory search of the internet found that most Disney fashion blogs are bare-boned and unimaginative, or worse, written by men.

Rather than dwell on which ballgown is most becoming, or whether pink and red clash (oh, yeah, they do), I want to step outside our comfort zone and consider the classiest, trendiest, most fashionable ladies in fur.  This will be hard, since most of them only have the barest of accessories to consider, but let’s try to be open-minded.

Clawing her way to the top is Marie, because she’ll pounce anyone who tries to cut in front of her.  This white feline outdoes Hello Kitty by boasting two pink bows, not one.  She’s Parisian through and through, but she sometimes over-leaps herself trying to show off.   With a mother as beautiful and elegant as Duchess, Marie probably feels that she has a lot to catch up to.  And, her flirtatious attitude foreshadows a difficult time ahead for her parents.  I think she should enjoy her youth and not be too quick to grow up, but that’s the time of life that we make mistakes, jump on the wrong bandwagons, and indulge our whims.  Marie deserves to be on the list because she wears her pink with pride and fearlessness.

Eva Gabor voiced two of Disney’s fabulous furry ladies, and Miss Bianca set the standard for travelling in style. (Bernard might wish she had traveled in style with fewer bags, though.) Through wind and rain and Australian muck, she never lost her compact or her spirit.  She’s usually found wearing something trimmed in fur, which is sort of disturbing, if we really think about it.  But every mouse she meets takes a fancy to her, so who are we to disagree with classic taste? With Gabor’s sultry tones, Miss Bianca becomes more coy than the book, possibly using her feminine wiles with deliberation.  But the love of adventure and true determination to help the friendless keeps the character grounded.

Sleek chestnut hair and big almond eyes, soft-spoken charm and a loyal heart: her names says it all, Lady. When her new owners pulled her out of the box on Christmas, every pet-lover in the theatre thought, “I want one a cocker spaniel, too.”  We don’t advocate giving pets as presents, because family members need to understand and discuss the responsibilities of caring for…blah blah blah – PUPPY IN A BOW SO CUTE!  Lady flirts with red to match her hair, but decides to strut the bronze and teal combo, showing that opposite colors attract as much as opposite personalities.  Her story is a coming-of-age tale for women, learning about men, the world, and  herself.  Lady shows fits of jealousy, exposing her insecurities in comparison to flashier dogs, but that quiet, adorable face literally shines under the stars.


That Fish from Fantasia is the most dashing and extravagant animal on screen – and she know it!  Like the semi-famous models that appear on red carpet events, the cameras are snapping, she’s posing, everyone loves it, it’s all beautiful, and afterwards, no one knows her name.  But, for her brief moment of glory, she was lovely.

Sally gets her spot on the list because there’s no one else to compare her to, except Eva.  (We love Eva, but she’s got to branch out beyond minimalist military.)  Not knowing anything about cars, I can only say “She’s purdy.  And shiny.  I’d like one.”  In a Pixar alterverse where people are built in factories (we assume; the movie was vague about how baby automobiles are made) it would be hard to stand out.  Yes, Sally’s a Porsche, but there must be a lot of those out there, some in the same color, even.   What’s a girl to do?  Get a pinstripe tattoo!!  First, and probably the last, inked Disney girl, Sally should strut herself with a bit more pride.

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