There are very few examples of sisterly affection in Disney.  In fact, I’m trying to think of any except the 7 daughters of Triton.  If I had to share a bathroom with those 6, I’d want to run away, too.

They get very little screen-time in the main film (mostly plot-pushing), but their characters are expanded and individualized in the sequels, prequel, and TV series.   Turns out – they squabble, they hold grudges, they have faults, and they have wishes, too.  At the end of the day, though, they’re sisters. And a sister will always let you borrow her favorite blue sea-shell bra, or at least not mind if you borrow it intending to get it washed before she notices it’s gone.   Even if she does mind, it’s not like she can avoid talking to you forever; the ocean is only so big.

Here’s a bundle of images celebrating the princesses of Atlantica.

HMOP, remember these?

Cosplay win!

Your turn to talk

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