Meet n Greet

Disney couples.  Oh, the cute!

iwastesomuchtime posted this picture of Disney couples’ famous meet-ups over the years.  But, honestly, I can’t see that things are getting better for our lasses.

It’s almost as if a girl has to get put in a life-threatening situation or have a cooking utensil in her hand to find a nice guy, anymore.  Before, she only had to sing.  (Raise your hand if you tried to sing to catch your prince.  Raise both hands if you performed dangerous activities in front of the guy you liked.  Raise a foot if you carried around kitchen apparatuses or tried to befriend furry sidekicks.  If you are on your back with both hands and feet in the air, send me a line, because you are invited to our next Theme New Year’s Party.)

Rose asked me what my favorite “kismet” moment of Disney movies was, and my answer is Michael and Katie in Darbie O’Gill and the Little People.  They’re being set up by her trouble-rousing father who hides the fact that Michael is going to replace him, so that Katie feels betrayed when she finds out!  It’s Korean-drama-in-an-Irish-accent good!  Plus, Sean Connery sings.

The best animated meet would be Tod and Vixie in Fox and Hound.  He makes a fool of himself, and when she laughs at him, he calls her a “silly, empty-headed female.”   So, Vixie SHUTS HIM DOWN.   And, this time, the guy ends up soaking wet.  Plus, Pearl Bailey sings.

What’s your favorite couples’ meet?

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