All Good Things will Happen

it was just one of those days…

My dinosaurs have been ripping each other’s throats out for a few weeks now, culminating in a spite-fest of pranks.  Winter needs to finish up soon, so I can kick them outdoors and they can have space to work out their frustrations in masculine ways, by building things, digging holes, and not having to make eye contact.  I picked them up from school at 3:30 and by 3:40, I was ready to dump them out of the car and go back to work, where people at least pretend to be grown-ups.

Searching inspiration to make it past 4:15, I tried searching the two things that could make the day better, Journey and Disney.  Someone else  had apparently had one of those days, too, and made this picture for the rest of us.  Whoever you are, wherever you are, thank  you.  I have made it to 7:45, and will now go take a bath.


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