Curses become her

It would very hard for any actress to replace Bernadette Peters’ witch for Into the Woods.  She squashes competitors like a bug under her shoe.  Squiiiiiiish.  And if I was going to give someone the role, I’d pick an iconically youthful and lovely woman and load her up with make-up till she’s unrecognizable, as Stardust did … Continue reading

Where’s Hans?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! If you have already bought the new Frozen Bluray+DVD+HD Digital, you may have also seen that one of the characters is noticeably absent. The movie posters went from this to the DVD promos of this and then, suddenly Hans disappears for this Insert reindeer.  Delete person.  In other words, Disney has taught us that … Continue reading

Pimped ride

I apologize that this picture is so bad, but I haven’t caught up to the i-phone fad yet. What you should be noticing (other than the cheetah seat covers) is that someone at MSU has totally pimped out her steering wheel with puff-paint tinkerbell decals. I don’t know if that makes driving difficult, but random university … Continue reading

Helga Sinclair, Villain Extraordinaire

Poor Helga never gets invited to any parties.  The princesses don’t want her and the villains overlook her.  I think it’s time that someone take a moment to appreciate her badass contribution to Disney. First, she shows up in this sexy fur+LBD combo, not because she needs to, not because she’s hot for Milo, but … Continue reading

The Disney Diet

Although Thursday’s post reminds us that Big is Beautiful, Healthy is also Beautiful.  Big and Healthy is Beautiful. Disney characters have some good advice for eating well, and like all things in life, balance is key. An Apple a Day Once considered nature’s junk food, now known to be packed with nutrients, apples illustrate the benefits … Continue reading

Finally an online quiz that works

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but according to Buzzfeed I am full-on Disney obsessed.  I might have gotten extra points for having a Disney blog and going to Tokyo DisneySea and hosting a Disney-theme party.  Also, I like this word “Disnerd.”  It’s not as easy to pronounce as “dipster” but it has a certain ring … Continue reading