Talkin bout Pop Muzik

The most ubiquitous song of 2013 will be remembered as “Let it Go.”  But, there was a time when Disney songs regularly made Top-20 lists and Best-of mix tapes.  Once, you couldn’t turn on the radio without the voices of Linda Ronstadt, Elton John, Vanessa Williams, or Celine Dion belting out their end-credits version of … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Earth!

Stop everything you’re doing because this is the one day that we’re supposed to pay attention to all the stuff on Earth! At least all the non-human stuff, which is why it’s only a day. Except for sharks, which get a week. I promise we’ll plan next year’s party much better, as Disney has announced that Earth … Continue reading

Detour to Russia

Please allow me to interrupt your Monday with a little bit of happy feels. Buzzfeed’s 25 Reasons that Anastasia is the best animated film ever might be a wee bit inaccurate (only a bit, though), but it will squeeze your heart dry and then stuff it back up with pink glitter. It’s almost as good as … Continue reading

Disney and chocolate, together at last

If you’ve given up chocolate for Lent, today is the day to start gnawing on bunny heads.  And I know just where to start. The Grand Floridian, home of the make-your-own-crazy-expensive gingerbread house, is doing Easter in style, too.  Eighteen extra jumbo chocolate eggs have been painted with cocoa butter in scenes from the classics. … Continue reading

Moana joins Disney’s ohana

(I need to learn Samoan if I want to improve my puns.) Disney will soon have its second Pacific Islander movie and first Polynesian princess movie.  Little information has been posted about the projected 2018 film, and leaked concept art was quickly pulled, but fans are fired up about another long-overdue PoC.  By the time this … Continue reading

The best of gender-bend

Recasting Disney men as women or women as men is the hippest fanart trend of the last few years.  Sometimes, it’s just artists changing the hairstyle or touching up the cheekbones, but many of these recreations are thoughtful and dazzling. Miyuli’s tumblr blog hosts several of these, and my favorite is the witchy dancer Esmeraldo … Continue reading

Disney fandom is the best fandom

There are a lot of great stories out there, and some not-so-great stories, but my favorite is the one that will never die, will never fade, never give up, and never stop creating beautiful moments like this  

Let’s play what-if

The fandom is just going to have to agree to disagree on whether Elsa’s parents were abusive or lovingly misguided.  Either way, it’s clear that “conceal, don’t feel” was horrible advice to a small child who discovered that she was different from the norm. Had Pabbi just explained the dangers of repression and fear, Elsa … Continue reading

Curses become her

It would very hard for any actress to replace Bernadette Peters’ witch for Into the Woods.  She squashes competitors like a bug under her shoe.  Squiiiiiiish.  And if I was going to give someone the role, I’d pick an iconically youthful and lovely woman and load her up with make-up till she’s unrecognizable, as Stardust did … Continue reading

Where’s Hans?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! If you have already bought the new Frozen Bluray+DVD+HD Digital, you may have also seen that one of the characters is noticeably absent. The movie posters went from this to the DVD promos of this and then, suddenly Hans disappears for this Insert reindeer.  Delete person.  In other words, Disney has taught us that … Continue reading